About Us

Geraldine Mynors and Jane Suppiah established the company in January 2010 after working together as involved service-users in maternity services at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.
We share a passion for improving patients’ experiences of care, and collectively bring over 30 years of hands-on experience in managing, evaluating and improving services.

Our approach

Tailored to your needs and high quality fieldwork 

Every client is different, and our experience and small scale enables us to offer highly tailored solutions.  We can field highly experienced, senior staff (primarily ourselves) to deliver projects, enabling us to deliver real insight quickly and efficiently, and ultimately offer superb value for money.

group.jpgService users as partners in change

Involving patients and service users in research design, in activities to map processes and in telling their stories are some of the ways in which we seek to involve users as active participants in developing services to meet their needs.

We know how to get the best out of service users and value their contributions, going far beyond traditional measures of ‘satisfaction’ with services.

nurses.jpgActive clinician / staff engagement

We can involve front-line staff as partners in our work, wherever possible training them up as part of the process and leaving them with a set of analytical tools and an evaluative mindset when we leave. We have strong links to medical staff of many specialities operating in the NHS, voluntary and private sectors; we understand the mindset and language of clinicians and are able to engage effectively with them.

Insightful analysis and grounded recommendations

We pride ourselves on the use of meaningful data and high quality evidence to develop conclusions, and combine qualitative approaches with rigorous quantitative analysis including (where necessary) modeling and economic analysis.

We have real experience of managing services ourselves, and produce action oriented conclusions with practical and implementable recommendations. 

Engaging reporting

We work with clients upfront to understand how they will use our findings, and tailor outputs to be most helpful.  Some clients will want vertical reports, but for others a highly engaging powerpoint presentation, a DVD or selection of audio clips may add additional colour and be used to engage staff and other stakeholders in the organisation.