Patient information

We are experts in developing tools to support shared decision making between clinicians and patients, including designing patient-centred information about conditions and treatments. We have a particular interest in patient access to health records and were one of very few independent consultants to be represented on the RCGP Patient Online working groups in 2012. Our approach to designing information begins with an exploration with potential users of what they really need to know, and we incorporate diagnostic user-testing of information resources as standard practice. We have links with skilled information designers whom we can bring in on graphics, to ensure that information is accessible and visually compelling as well as clear and evidence based.

Department of Health and BCS Health
Guidance for the public on safe online record keeping




Following a competitive selection process, we were commissioned by BCS Health and the Department of Health to develop guidance for the public on keeping their online health and social records safe and secure. This was launched by Tim Kelsey, NHS National Director for Patient Experience and Information, at a special event in February 2013. The resulting booklet, which is Crystal-marked, is Crown Copyright and will be made available nationally to patients considering accessing their health records online. The scope of the guidance was informed by a stakeholder consultation and focus groups with members of the public, as well as a detailed understanding of electronic health record access systems. We tested the draft guidance using a diagnostic process which set real information challenges to members of the public to answer using the booklet, to ensure it was user friendly and accessible.

After quite a close call, we offered the contract to Mynors Suppiah, a relatively new SME that we felt was best placed to deliver this. We can now be confident that we made the correct decision. In addition to being a pleasure to work with, Geraldine and her team (Emily Newsom-Davis and Sarah Smith) have actually over delivered, under budget and ahead of time. I do wonder when I will ever repeat those words again in my career.

Wai Keong Wong, Chair of the Project Board

Consumation Information Design
Usability testing of patient leaflets for prescribed medicines

As Associates of Consumation, a leading UK authority on information design and usability testing, we have carried out projects for many pharmaceutical companies including Bayer, BMS, Gilead and HRA-Pharma, to ensure the readability of patient leaflets about medicines.

Client: Patient Information Forum / Microsoft
The PiF Guide to Health Records Access


We researched and authored the Patient Information Forum Guide to Health Records Access, commissioned by Microsoft, which was published in July 2012. The Guide is a definitive review of the benefits and challenges to implementing shared Personal Health Records to meet the government’s pledge of offering all patients access to their health records by 2015. It was informed by a literature review, consultation events and expert interviews.

Development of an online patient decision aid
MS Decisions


Geraldine Mynors led the development of MS Decisions, the online decision aid for people with MS considering disease modifying drugs, which was first published in 2004 and comprehensively updated in 2009. MS Decisions was funded by the DH and was the result of a collaboration between the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, the MS Trust, the MS Society and other MS centres and people with MS throughout the UK. In 2012, MS Decisions had over 12,000 unique visitors, 69% in the UK, and 16% of whom completed the interactive decision support tool in the site. This makes it the most used online decision aid in the UK.

You considered everything. The site anticipated every query I had, and answered them clearly and completely. Extremely thorough information, presented in such an easy-to-understand way.

MS Decisions site user