Strategy development

We work with Boards of organisations to help them tackle the strategic challenges they face, through innovative approaches which enable them to examine data, listen to service users and stakeholders and reach consensus. We can bring independent facilitation to workshops and meetings, and assist Boards in developing coherent strategies to meet the needs of their beneficiaries and fulfil their charitable objects. 

Disability and Development Partners
Facilitation and development of a five year strategic plan

ddp2.jpgDisability and Development Partners (DDP) is a UK charity that supports disabled people in low income countries to achieve their social, economic, political and civil rights. We were asked to work with the charity’s staff to develop a five year strategic plan. The work involved running a strategy development workshop, drafting the strategy and facilitating input to the draft and final iterations of the document.

'When we needed an external facilitator to help us complete the development of our new 5 year strategy, we approached Jane Suppiah.  She immediately engaged with us and the process in an intelligent and wholehearted way.  She understood clearly from the beginning that we knew our work, were steeped in it and her job was to guide us, firmly!  She did this with humour and ensured that we produced the strategy within budget and on time.'

Kamala Achu, Director DDP

TB Alert
Strategy Development

tbalert2.jpgWe worked on a pro bono basis with the TB Alert Board of Trustees to assist them in developing their vision and strategy in relation to UK and overseas based work.